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Introducing LOVE Lower Mainland

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Living Out Visibly and Engaged (LOVE) Lower Mainland is one of the newest Community Response Networks (CRNs) in British Columbia. CRNs are a diverse group of concerned community members who come together to create a community response to adult abuse, neglect, and self-neglect. Most adults at-risk have some characteristic or characteristics which can make them vulnerable. These include isolation, age, disability, alcohol/drug dependency, physical or mental illness, and language and/or culture.

Most CRNs are based on locality but a few – like ours – focus on a specific population deemed particularly at-risk. There is little research on LGBTQ2S+ people and our experiences accessing service. Most agencies do not collect data on how seniors and others describe their gender identity or sexual orientation; and few service providers educate their staff and volunteers on our needs.

Inspired by the creation of the original LOVE CRN on Vancouver Island, we began our work in November, 2018; and have been engaged in consultation with seniors, agencies, and other at-risk adults, with a view to inventorying and assessing resources and services available/accessible. We address issues of abuse, neglect, and self-neglect of LGBT2Q+ adults to reduce the risk of exposure to harm. We do this by encouraging at-risk adults to participate and partner with us, working collaboratively to develop activities which reduce isolation and inspire community. We provide education, outreach, and resources and support advocacy and activism to develop programs which help reduce risk.

If you represent an agency serving the senior and/or LGBTQ2S+ population; or are yourself an LGBTQ2S+ senior, and would like to engage with the work of our table or find out more, contact the table coordinator, Neil Fernyhough, at, or 604-535-0015 (ext 236). Neil is gay-identified, and as Manager of Community Programs at Alexandra Neighbourhood House in Surrey, delivers services to both LGBT2QS+ and senior populations.