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Alex House is a volunteer driven organization that relies on the ideas, direction and contributions of enthusiastic and committed members of our community. We welcome any and all community members with a desire to share their talents and knowledge with their neighbours at activities, programs and events (i.e. education, performance, writing, art, dance, exercise, storytelling, workshops, music etc). Come to us with your idea and we'll see if we can make it happen!

Volunteering  is not only about what Alexandra Neighbourhood House receives. Volunteers gain valuable experience and skills and build positive relationships, but more importantly, our volunteeers have fun! Volunteering keeps us connected and healthy. It inspires us to contribute to our communities, and as newcomers to the neighbourhood or country, it helps us settle into a new place. In a neighbourhood house, volunteering is about citizen engagement and about residents shaping the kind of community they want to live in. Volunteers and staff are partners working together for a common goal, whatever the role. Periodically, we recognize the contributions our volunteers make to their community.

Volunteer opportunities change throughout the year with changing programs and events, but if you'd like to contribute to your community, share and build your talents and skills, come and talk to us.  Please call 604-535-0015 ext 236 or e-mail