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Youth KRU - Empowering Youth for a Brighter Future:  What’s New?

Knowledge, Resources, and Understanding - these are the guiding principles of our youth employment program which works with youth ages 15-30, providing them with the skills and know-how they will need to navigate the labour market. Over the course of 1½ years, this program has done exactly that, helping youth with significant barriers build skills and confidence that will help them to be successful in their work.

This Spring we bid farewell to Mike Taculad, our beloved job developer, who is moving on to a new opportunity with the BC Centre for Ability, an organization that supports and provides individuals with disabilities with opportunities to build skills and capacity. Mike has been instrumental in the establishment of the Youth KRU program, building and bridging relationships between employers and job-seeking youth. He embodies the principles of KRU in the work that he does, demonstrating patience, tact, and compassion toward clients and employers. We wish Mike the best in his new adventure!

We are excited to welcome Leanna Penner into the Youth KRU team! Leanna adds a wealth of experience to our team in specialized employment and job development. We look forward to the adventures that lie ahead for our team. Youth KRU has four remaining cohorts for the year which will begin on the following dates:

April 23

July 15

October 7

December 2

If you or someone you know would be a suitable participant for the program, contact or 604-385-3040. If you are interested in providing an employment opportunity to youth in our program, please contact Leanna Penner at or 236-889-9832.

When asking the participants to talk about what they took away from the program, here are some of their responses:

“This program has helped me put my life goals into perspective.”

Participant, Male, 23

“During this program I had the opportunity to learn more about the work environment in Canada. As a newcomer this experience was very valuable for me. I got my first local reference. I enjoyed this program specially because of the positive energy of the staff.”

Participant, Male, 28

“When I first started this program, I felt so stuck with what I was wanting to do with my life/career. I enjoyed taking the personality tests and figuring out what careers would best suit my personality. Because of this I now believe I have an idea with what I want to do in my future. This course has helped direct me down the right path.”

Participant, Female, 21

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