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Important – PLEASE READ!

  • Follow the federal guidelines on social distancing, which will be circulated to all Helpers. This means that in-person contact should be at a physical distance of 2 m (6 ft). If it needs to be closer (e.g., exchanging a dog for walking), ideally both parties should wear a mask and disposable gloves during contact, and the Recipient should sanitize exchanged objects. Please see for a list of all the guidelines, and a downloadable document.
  • Exchange of money for purchases of groceries and other items should be done electronically, and the items left at a safe (2 m, 6ft) distance upon delivery.
  • Our volunteers are vetted via a criminal records screening process. Nonetheless, if any interactions with a volunteer trouble you, please don’t hesitate to report your concerns, confidentially, to Neil for follow-up.
  • Please keep your requests reasonable and pertinent to supporting you remaining at home. This temporary service is not intended for unrelated activities, whether it’s getting your house repainted or your car vacuumed!
  • While we can provide this limited support, your needs may exceed what we are able to offer. If you feel you are having trouble coping physically or mentally, please call the Provincial Health Line at 211. Further resources can be found through the online resource directory, published by the Seniors Come Share Society:


As the network expands, we hope to assign support to specific areas based on postal code.