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Best Practices – PLEASE READ!

  • Follow the federal guidelines on social distancing, which will be circulated to all Helpers. This means that in-person contact should be at a physical distance of 2 m (6 ft). If it needs to be closer (e.g., exchanging a dog for walking), ideally both parties should wear a mask and disposable gloves during contact, and the Recipient should sanitize exchanged objects.
  • Exchange of money for purchases of groceries and other items should be done electronically, and the items left at a safe (2 m, 6ft) distance from the Recipient upon delivery.
  • Know your limits. Helpers need to practice self-care in order to maintain their own health and resilience. There are plenty of people willing to help. Helpers should check in with one another to ensure no one is getting exhausted or burnt out. Coordinators should feel empowered to let the Facilitator know when their Circle is at capacity or over-capacity.
  • Do what you feel comfortable doing – ambiguity is a sign you should say “no.” Please do not attempt activities outside your knowledge-base; or ones which make you feel uncomfortable in any way. If requests or interactions are concerning, advise the Coordinator. Together you can brainstorm, or bring in the Facilitator. If requests are specialized, consider asking the Facilitator if there is anyone on the Specialty Team who could help.
  • We are supporting vulnerable people. If needed, you may refer them for further resources to BC-211 (the provincial Health Line), or the online resource directory, published by the Seniors Come Share Society: If you feel the people you are supporting are unable to cope, contact the Facilitator, Neil, directly.
  • Provide approved information ONLY. Avoid spreading unverified information. Look first to government sources, and then to trusted media outlets
As the network expands, we hope to assign volunteers to specific areas based on postal code.