Letter from the Executive Director

You are here

If you are facing racism and xenophobia we stand with you. Reach out, we are here, and stand in solidarity.

During this time of fear and unrest, we are faced with the question of 'Who do I want to be in the world? What reflection do I want to see as I look back at 2020?  Systemic racism and oppression are not new to our world, nor are we exempt in Canada, as much as we would like to think. I watch video after video of my Asian neighbours inside and outside of Canada being assaulted and ridiculed over Covid-19, when they are no more responsible than you or me. I watch the news clips of Black men in America and Canada faced with ongoing violence and bias, too often resulting in death. The inequities in our legal system should not be allowed. When will enough be enough? As a white person, a person of privilege and power, I work in an organization that allows me a voice. I stand in solidarity with those around me facing unspeakable oppression. I stand with my neighbours who are Indigenous, Black, Asian, South Asian, and all People of Colour. I stand with differently abled people. I stand with those suffering social injustices, struggling with Mental Health and Substance Use. I stand with my Queer brothers and Sisters. I am committed to not being silent. To not being part of the problem. We all need to ask ourselves 'Who do I want to be?'
Penny Bradley