I Could Use a Hand

How do I know if I need help?

We all want to “do for ourselves,” but sometimes that is simply not possible. Risk factors such as age and certain medical conditions means that extreme caution must be taken to prevent transmission of this potentially fatal virus. If you are over 65, have a medical condition or are quarantined, you should feel comfortable asking for help to support you staying at home.

What sorts of things should I ask for help with?

  • Think of things which support you staying at home like getting groceries or prescriptions, picking up the laundry, mailing letters, walking the dog etc.
  • Think of things which make you feel less isolated like a friendly, supportive phone call or an online chat.
  • Think of things which will help minimize contact when you do have to go out like a ride to a medical appointment.

What sorts of things shouldn’t I ask for?

Volunteers should not be asked to incur any personal expenses aside from fuel. Arrangements for payment should be made electronically, or between you and the business.

Who are the people helping me?

Every household requesting support is assigned to a six-person Helper Team. Helpers are volunteers who have stepped up to provide assistance to their neighbours during this health emergency. Applicants undergo a criminal record cheque as a condition of volunteering.

Together the Helper Team and those receiving their support form the Caring Circle.

I have someone else who is helping or I don’t need help all the time – should I still apply?

Maybe you have a neighbour who is helping at this time, but you’re wondering if they might need respite. Or maybe you only need very occasional support. By all means, consider applying. Teams can provide support at whatever level is appropriate, even if it varies over time. Flexibility is the key!

Fill in the application here.

After your application is processed, the Project Facilitator will be in touch to assign you to a Helper Team.