Supported Adults Camps

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Since 1916 we’ve been providing residential camps here in Crescent Beach, first for orphans from the Alexandra Orphanage in Vancouver, then for single mothers and their children, and now for adults with a developmental disability or mental health needs. These camps provide a welcome and relaxing break from everyday routines, with lots of summer-time activities and events. It’s a great time for socializing, recreation and an exciting change of scenery by the seaside. Campers enjoy arts and crafts, nature and beach walks, swimming, picnics, special dinners, bingo, talent nights, dances and every night, campfire. Camps begins in June each year and campers all look forward to their stay at the seashore. For most of them, this is the only break they get each year from their day-to-day routines and surroundings.

Campers experience the beauty of our natural environment by the beach while building life-long friendships and participating in our exciting camp programs. 'Camp Away' is our calm and steady camp for supported adults who want a relaxing week away and 'Camp Fun Times' is a high-spirited, energetic camp with never a dull moment. There’s something for everyone! Camp registration opens in the spring.