Community Caring Circles

What are Community Caring Circles?

Like so many individuals and agencies, when the public health emergency was declared we at Alex House asked ourselves what we could do to support our neighbours during a challenging time. Our goal is to bring people out of isolation into community – but when we cannot gather, how do we do that?

Caring Circles are our response to the challenge of co-creating community during a time of self-isolation. Helper Teams of six individuals or households recruit or are assigned people needing support. Together, the Helper Team and those they are supporting form a Caring Circle.

We are providing service within South Surrey (south of Hwy 10) and White Rock.

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One of the volunteer coordinators of our Community Caring Circles, Laurie, sent this photo. Pacifica resident Bruce (94 years) wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends Ron (91 years) and John (90 years). So he sent them a ZOOM invitation, and they were able have a birthday celebration together!

Huge thanks to our CCC volunteers who are helping vulnerable members of our community shelter-in-place. Find out more by visiting our website at