Community Caring Circle - Covid-19

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We've revamped the way we're supporting our neighbours during the COVID-19 health emergency and we're inviting you to get involved:

* As someone who can help neighbours needing support (running errands, getting groceries, dog-walking, or a friendly chat).

* As someone at risk who is self-isolating or quarantined, and are looking for help or for social contact.

We will assemble Helper Teams of six to assist those needing support at this time. Together, the Team and its recipients form a Community Caring Circle. We have also set up a Supporting Our Neighbours Phone Tree.

For more information on the Phone Tree send an email to Neil at, or call 604-535-0015 ext 236.

To get involved in the Caring Circle follow any of the links from our Home page.

Neighbours have also set up a Facebook page to provide support to folks in our community. Check it out!