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Promoting the Arts at Alex House

Alex House wants to take a more active role in promoting the arts as a means to building a more aware and engaged community. We are excited to announce the development of a collaborative arts hub at our Crescent Beach location. Twelve artists are working in a dedicated space on projects focused on social justice and transformation. Financing for the artists and the project is being made possible through a grant from the Vancouver Foundation, as well as from ticket sales.

What is novel about this vision is that the collaborative art events will be paired with an intentional program of community conversations, in which the goal will be to use the inspiration of creativity to empower residents to become advocates and activists for social change in our community.

Alexandra Neighbourhood House is privileged to be embedded in this community of artists and we have sought in some modest way to support them. For many years, Beach House Theatre and the Crescent Beach Photography Club have used our facility. More recently, a new literary arts initiative, the VG Playroom, has set up shop at Camp Alex featuring authors, poets, and performers. (Check out www.surreymuseatlarge.wordpress.com for more information).

If you would like more information on this collaborative team, please contact communityprograms@alexhouse.net or call 604-535-0015 ext 236. 

Many of us are aware of the long history the Semiahmoo Peninsula has had as a haven for artists and writers, representing a variety of media and genres. Decades ago, creative folks flocked to our forests and beaches to be inspired by the beautiful, secluded surroundings – not to mention the cheap rents of the many seasonal cottages, once a feature of White Rock, Ocean Park, and Crescent Beach.

That spirit of creativity still thrives on the Peninsula, as is seen in the many arts and cultural groups and events here, far out of proportion to the actual population of South Surrey and White Rock. But none of that would exist, were it not for the avid support of local residents.



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